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The AIFS Foundation works in cooperation with many organizations to provide educational and cultural exchange opportunities for students to develop global skills and intercultural understanding. With the help of strategic partners and individuals, the AIFS Foundation provides grants and scholarships that benefit disadvantaged or underserved youth who would not otherwise be able to study abroad. It also provides grants to high schools and institutions to encourage international and educational travel.   

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Partner with the AIFS Foundation to help meet the need for a globally competent workforce. Your donation can establish a new scholarship program and support initiatives to prepare young people to navigate different languages, countries and customs so they are ready to join the workforce with global skills in hand. Help the AIFS Foundation provide educational and cultural exchange opportunities to deserving youth to make the world a little smaller and more understanding!

“Angel B. says before going to Ghana she had only heard negative stuff about Africa and wanted to see if it was true. The trip dispelled the myths. Like other students, Brock is a little more grateful for her life in the United States and plans to send clothes and supplies to the schools they visited in Ghana.”

—College Study Abroad Program